Plandemic 3 – The Great Awakening – Full Documentary – Must See!! Please Share!!

Posted on June 4, 2023 6:02 am
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  1. g77enn June 11th, 2023 at 4:15 pm

    1. If the WHs have been in control of this battle for the last few years, why do they allow millions of humans to die via, for example, the jab? And why haven’t they put out a simple kit to protect people from the jab?

    2. Given the fact, according to the alt media that 600,000 jabbed Americans are dying every year, why would President Trump push it on his trusting supporters?

    3. Why did President Trump step down after the 2020 election when the military and others had absolute proof the election had been stolen? ┬áThe claim is that Americans needed to be shown by a drip drop process what happened, but this is an outright lie because the people generally don’t watch alt news. They watch MSN or nothing at all.

    4 Due to the WHs turning over the domestic economy to the Biden administration the US economy reversed course driving many small companies out of business and people in generally either in poverty or toward poverty causing untold suffering and skyrocketing suicides.
    Some claimed this was done to avoid civil war, but since the majority of people have not been apprised of the facts via the news this appears to be a lie.

    5. Since the WHs presently control the MSN, why haven’t they been pushing the facts about the election fraud on their controlled stations?

    6. Allegedly Juan O’Savin, alias JFK Jr., has been sent by the WHs to inform the people. However, he’s confused and alienated people by claiming NESARA doesn’t exist or isn’t what it’s claimed to be and then, apparently, more recently alleging it does exist. Not only that he seems to talk about his fancy cars and other toys and drone on about unimportant matters and particularly himself leading many to distrust him. Why would the WHs send someone like this that is likely to divide the people?

    7. Why do so many WH influencers castigate the unawakened public by calling them normies and blaming them for not awakening when these influencers are supposed to unite us. Moreover it is the WHs fault for not properly informing the public. Hence they only have themselves to blame.

    8. Why are the WHs bloodline and military controlled at the top? These people have proven they are not to be trusted historically, particularly with the Pentagon involved with the jab bioweapon? Recall what Eisenhower warned about the military-industrial-congressional complex? Then add to that the history of bloodline betrayal of humanity; after all, allegedly virtually every president was bloodline related. Note Joe Kennedy was said to have supported the enemy during WWII and conspired with Roosevelt to hide the truth about Pearl Harbor. Then of course there are his mafia ties.

    9. Many people knew about the Plandemic plan before it occurred. Hence one must assume the bloodline leadership of the WHs did also. Why didn’t they stop it or warn the public? I knew about it at least 2 years in advance.

    10. Why are the WHs so successful fighting their enemies on the ground, sea and air but appear to be almost utter failures protecting the people by virtually never meeting their financial and other goals in regard to NESARA? They consistently fail to meet these goals so often that it cannot be accidental.

    11. Given the fires in California, Canada and many other areas for years, why, assuming the WHs are in control as many of them have claimed, have we no proof of them stopping these fires?

    12. Why is there, not only a lack of empathy for the suffering and death by the WHs for what the American people are experiencing, but an actual blaming of the people for their problems already mentioned (supposedly because they are not awake), which is bound to create disunity among the WHs themselves and the American people and the WHs? This seems like purposeful division to destroy the movement down the road?

    13. In regards to empathy, one wonders about the lack of some sort of WH unifying meditation-prayer support for those fighting the war on the ground in the DUMBS and for those of us above ground awakening the people for example? Is this simply a lack of leadership or something more devious? Come on people, I need help here…

    14. Recently a Mike Gill video [] a clear corrupt relationship of many years between the major banking establishments of the US, the US government and big business. Certainly the WHs would have known about this due to the bloodlines controlling many of these establishments. Given the WHs knew about this corruption and, no doubt, have family and friends involved in this corruption, is this the reason they have put the brakes on NESARA? In other words, assuming NESARA will level the economic playing field between the bloodlines and the people, the bloodlines fearing such a change that might bring justice to their misdeeds have decided to undermine NESARA?

    15. Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai, presidential candidate, through a systems analysis demonstrated rather simply how these bloodlines control we the people and that they all know each other and attend one another’s functions. Shiva Ayyadurai, MIT PhD: Exposing Govt. & Big Tech Collusion & Fighting Back 11-19-22: How the Few Control the Many and How to Break Free: Nice simple explanation here: Problem and Solution. Shiva is an MIT PHD, engineer, scientist and inventor.


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