Posted on November 27, 2022 11:11 am
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  1. Prophet of TRUTH November 28th, 2022 at 11:51 am

    The doctor says it all when she says that if Faucci does not get held accountable in this world he will at the judgement of YHWH. i keep hearing how they can”t believe what is happening. How people are blind to what is going on,
    They can’t believe is the words that answer all their questions of why!
    YHWH let it be known 2000 years ago, what would be happening today. And the reson for it, HE is not the liar,and HE does not play. What he says is what has been what is and what shall be.
    Hear this WORD. Satan is the father of lies, a murderer from the beginning,when he lied to Adam and eve saying that is not what GOD/yhwh means. Because they believed HIM, YHWH said they would die. Why? Because they obeyed another created being!
    When Israel demanded a King for themselves I Samuel 8:7 YHWH tells Samuel they have not rejected you but ME that I should Reign over them.12:17 your wickedness is great!
    That they wanted a man to rule over them.The same as serving an idol, the thoughts of man.
    The Romans experimented with democracy first, The U.S. built upon the way of the romans, with a senate and a emperor, Also having the same national symbol, an Eagle with arrows in talons. and has transformed a lot of the world into democracies. where everybody supposedly has the oppertunity to decide who rules over them, Though we know the choices are limited by the rich. Same as the Roman system.
    This system is the 4th beast spoken of by Daniel, that was diverse from the others; First started by Romans, who is declared by GOD/YHWH to be the people of the prince to come/of darkness.Daniel 9:26. Let me point out that GOD”S word is eternal. So one can understand the significance of Christianity. A religion made the religion of the world by ordinance of the ruler of a world kingdom.
    The New Roman Empire we see today. The U.S. being the Head. Controlling the world through its dollar/mammon system.
    With this explanation, i will now answer the ? of why all we see today is happening.
    II Thessalonians2:9 Even Him whose coming is after the the working of satan(the father of LIES) with all power,signs and lying wonders.2:10 and with all deceivableness… because they believed not the TRUTH/WORD. 2:11 For this cause YHWH shall send them strong delusion that they should believe a Lie.
    Vast majority of the world has believed the lie that the NAME of the Messiah is jesus, translated from the Latin Da-Zeus spoken by ROMAN Government. Even though their are many that are not christians, when they speak of the religion rather good or bad they recognize the name jesus. No greater example than muslims who say jesus was just a prophet.
    Salvation is of the jews, Messiah came in the name of the GOD, Spoken by HIS prophet Moses as YHWH, Name of only begooten YAHHOSHUWAH meaning in Hebrew,YHWH our salvation.
    Now the vast majority has believed the Lie of the pandemic,and vaccine. What is happening, and will happen to them? Death.Perishing because of their unbelief, Now and at the judgement.
    What YHWH Says IS! .


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