SGT Report -The Hampstead Case Uncovered! #PEDOGATE

Posted on November 16, 2020 11:54 am
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SGT Report -The Hampstead Case Uncovered! #PEDOGATE

The Hampstead Case
One of the most egregious cases of the media and the government covering for pedophiles is the Hampstead case in England. In the video linked above, Sean from SGT Report interviews Ella Draper, mother of the two children involved in the chronic and systemic child abuse in Hampstead, England.

Ella Draper’s two children claimed that they were being abused by an institutional pedophile ring in their school ran in part by their biological father, Ricky Dearman. The children said that their teachers and father were sexually abusing them and even took them to other schools in the area to be abused as well. The two children describe in their own words, in terrifying detail how they were abused and even forced into taking part in satanic rituals which included murdering other children.

When Ella Draper learned of this she went right to the authorities. The local detectives who interviewed the children said their stories are “110% believable.” The children were medically examined and they had injuries consistent with the sexual abuse they claimed happened to them.

The children were interviewed by the police again and they told the same story. Then the children were taken from Draper and they were interviewed a third time and they recanted their story. They said they made it up and blamed it on Draper’s boyfriend. We were not able to see any video of their third interview. The video above shows segments of the first one.

After the third interview, everything changed. The media and government went into full attack mode. Draper lost custody of her children and was forced to flee the country. That is what makes this story so incredible. Rather than follow up on the original claims, the authorities ignored them and chose to believe the father. This case would have been very easy to solve if the authorities did a proper investigation of the original allegations.

Both children described tattoos on the alleged perpetrator’s genital areas in detail and even drew pictures of the tattoos for the detectives. An easy way to prove their stories would have been to check for the tattoos on the alleged abusers the children claimed to see. If the tattoos were there, how would the children know about them? That was never pursued. Instead, they turned all their attention on the mother.

In my opinion, the children were coerced to retract their statements before the third interview once they realized that their mother could no longer protect them. Watch the video and decide if you think these children were coached into lying about this story. Then watch the video of their father, Ricky Dearman denying the allegations in this total softball interview from the BBC. The BBC shut off the comments but check out the like vs dislike ratio. Then do a Google search about the Hampstead Case and you will find a vicious coordinated media attack on the mother of two children. This story is absolutely stunning!